0.10mm പ്രീമെയ്ഡ് ഫാൻസ് വോളിയം ലാഷ് എക്സ്റ്റൻഷനുകൾ 16 വരികൾ

0.10mm Premade Fans Volume Lash Extensions 16 Rows - MISSLAMODE

$ 10.99 USD



✅ Material: high-quality synthetic fiber. premade volume eyelash extensions based on a normal basis, baking technology was added to make the curvature more durable and softer.

✅ Matte finish with natural look and feel applies seamlessly to natural lashes

✅ Premium quality, professional silk/mink eyelash extensions great for creating natural-looking Russian Volume sets, premade fans save time

✅ OEM/ODM: We are professional eyelash factory, we have a wholesale price and can do your private label, please contact me.

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